Experimentation Day with Fluid Acrylics

I’m sure by now you all know how much I love my artist acrylic inks by Derivan Matisse as they are vibrant, come in beautiful colours and are perfect for watercolour techniques.

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone and experimented with Matisse Fluid acrylic paint. It is a very liquid-like paint with loads of pigment. For parts of this painting I used the colour straight from the bottle and for other parts I used Matisse’s MM3 Surface Tension Breaker medium to make the paint even thinner. This enabled me to use it in a way I would my inks.

I had a lot of fun with this painting and I’m looking forward to more experiments with these wonderful paints.

Cyclops Owl

Work in Progress – Edmund the Emu

Edmund_Emu_EyeMy current favourite medium is Matisse artist quality acrylic ink. The colours are vibrant, can be used as a wash to slowly build up colours or, for intense colour, can be used undiluted from the bottle. Here is my current work in progress – ‘Edmund’.

As a rule the eye is always painted first in my paintings of birds or animals as they have the most detail in the painting.

The rest is then lightly painted in with a wash with the colour slowly getting added as the layers build up. At this stage of the painting Edmund looks a bit messy and unrefined.Edmund_Complete

More layering is needed which is best to do slowly so not to overdo it. When I’m happy with the overall shape I start adding some darker colours in my sketchy style to suggest detail. This is the really fun part as I get to just let go and splash the ink around.

Here is the completed Edmund on the right. All ready to go in a nice white frame.

He is off to the Clare Rotary Art Exhibition where he will be available for sale.

The exhibition will run from 15-21 May.