The Journey Studio Materials

It is very important to me as an artist that I provide a quality product. That is why I only use artist quality materials when painting.

The inks are Derivan Matisse acrylic inks. Australian made, artist quality, water resistant and light fast. The colours are bright and vibrant and give a wonderful result.

When working in watercolour I only use Winsor & Newton professional watercolours. They have a huge range of colours and come from a company that was founded in 1832 by scientist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton. With such a long history their product is definitely top of it’s class.

As for paper, I only use 100% cotton Fabriano watercolour paper. I have tried other brands but this is by far my favourite. Fabriano have been making fine art paper sinceĀ 1264 which was used and praised by Michelangelo. Who am I to argue with that?

If using an ink pen to complete a painting, it is always of an archival quality to make sure it will not fade.