Leafy Sea Dragon Paintings

Another day of having fun with kids from the local primary school. This time I was with a younger class creating leafy sea dragon paintings. The kids loved using ‘grown up’ brushes, pens and paints. Here are some photos of their fantastic works in progress.

Lilium Painting

Sometimes inspiration for a painting can come from the nicest places. My mother-in-law grew this beautiful lilium then my 9 year old daughter took a stunning photo of it. Using Derivan sepia with just a touch of magenta and burnt sienna I started to build up the layers. After a few sittings the painting is… Continue reading Lilium Painting

Coffee, Cake & Creativity

What a wonderful, fun group of people who came along today to my acrylic ink workshop, Coffee, Cake & Creativity, to try out Derivan Matisse inks at the Watervale General Store. What a fantastic venue! Great atmosphere and the cakes on offer were divine. As for the creativity, everyone did an amazing job.